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Truth Behind Real Estate Drone Photos

Drone Photography Real Estate
Truth Behind Real Estate Drone Photos

Positives and Negatives of using drone photos in under a minute!

NEGATIVE: Many Photographers Are Not Certified If your photographer is not FAA Certified, you become mutually vulnerable to the FAA issued fines (upwards of $27,500). POSITIVE: Even MLS Says Drone Photos Are A Must! According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. NEGATIVE: Bad Drone Photos Drone photos are often delivered unedited and/or taken by an amateur! Bad drone photos can actually hurt your chances for a sale! POSITIVE: Homesellers Want Drones According to SoldByAir statistics, 83 percent of homesellers prefer to work with an agent using drones. POSITIVE: Drone Photos Are NOT Expensive If you're paying more than $150 for drone photos, you're paying too much! (drone photos have a better ROI than drone videos)

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